When I was first learning about Chinese Tonic Herbalism it seemed overwhelming, so I wanted to create a quick glossary based on my recent interview with Ron Teeguarden that would help you remember the herbs and some of the important things that they provide!  Enjoy!

Tonic Herb:  Safe herbs that can be taken every day to build Jing,
Chi, and/or Shen (see definitions below).     They can either wake you
up or calm you down (bi-directional).  They are regulatory and
adaptogenic.  There are only about 100 tonic herbs, but new ones are
always being discovered.

Jing: Jing is like our life battery or inner power that we receive
from our parents. You are born with a certain amount of Jing which you
use on a daily basis and through life stressors.  It is the root of
our sexual energy/vitality.  Men deplete Jing through ejaculation and
women deplete it through childbirth and menstruation. Associated with
sexual hormones, sexual fluids libido and fertility.  Jing keeps you

Qi/Chi: We get Qi from food and air.  It is the life-force energy.
If we have enough Qi we don't have to tap into our Jing as much.

Shen: The energy associated with our heart, loving emotions, and
spirituality.  The light that emanates from your eyes is said to be
your Shen.

Three Treasures: Jing, Qi and Shen.  Considered the treasures of
your life.  According to Chinese Medicine, if you have strong Jing,
Qi and Shen then you will live a long and happy life.

Yin: helps you build your sexual energy.  A Yin aphrodisiac is a
builder of sex hormones.

Yang: helps you release sexual energy, energy moves outward.  A Yang
aphrodisiac helps you to feel it and move it.

Morinda: Strength and muscle builder, famous for building sexual
energy.  Yang herb.

Sea Horse: Yang herb/food.  Sexual energy booster.

Epimedium: Yang herb.  Horny Goat Weed.  Famous aphrodisiac.
Stimulates blood flow to the genitals. Helps regulate blood pressure
and builds the immune system.

Ants: Yang herb for all three treasures (Jing, Qi and Shen).
Especially replenishes Qi.  Powerful sexual tonic known as the herb of
kings.  Helps with sperm and egg health.  Very high in Zinc. Great
before workouts.

Cistanche: Yang herb. Called the stalk enlarger.  Enhances genital
blood flow.  Excellent male tonic and great for people practicing
tantra and Taoist sexuality.

Schizandra: Yin and Yang herb/fruit.  Greatest of the aphrodisiacs.
Builds Jing, Chi and Shen.  Official herb of the concubines. Helps
boost sexual energy in both the genitals and the heart.  Helps you to
"feel" more.  Helps increase and regulate sexual fluids. Helps fluids
release at the appropriate time, promoting sexual endurance in men.
In other worlds it helps with semen retention for men.
Also known to enhance beauty in women.

Honeymooner's Tea: Also knows and healer's tea.  Herbal blend that
helps to restore after sex. Instant replenish-er of Yin Jing.
Contains: Dendrobium (Orchid), Schizandra, Goji Berries and Licorice.

Goji Berries: Yin/Jing Herb.  Wonderful sexual tonic that can be
added to other herbs.

Cinnamon Bark: Major Yang Tonic.  Very close to deer antler in it's
functioning.  The thicker the Cinnamon bark the better. Best comes
from Vietnam.

Eucommia:   Mostly strengthens Yang Jing, but also restores a little
Yin Jing.  Helps restore back strength and adrenal energy.  Great for
flexibility and joints.  Has been shown to increase testosterone and female hormones so it is considered a Unisex Sex Tonic.

Cordyceps:  Tonifies both Yin and Yang.  Yin nourishing and Yang
invigorating. Also called herbal Viagra.  Most expensive herb.
Improves micro-circulation- meaning it helps get blood into all the
small capillaries in your genitals.  Excellent to help women restore
Jing after childbirth.

Deer Antler: Yin/Yang herb.  Strengthens all three treasures (Jing,
Qi and Shen). Builds life-force.  Are a sexual organ of the deer.  Deer
are not harmed during the harvesting of the antler tips.

French Rose: Associated with romance and love.  Lovely heart opener.

Atractylodes:  Qi Energy. Root that boosts energy levels for better sexual performance.

Ginseng: Yang, Jing and Chi Herb. Enhances libido and sexual endurance.

Tongkat Ali: Yang herb.. Enhances male passion. Powerful sexual
tonic used for 1000 years as a sexual enhancer.  Mostly used by men.
Don't take it while your partner is on her menstrual cycle.

He Shou Wu: Yin Herb, Builds and restores Jing. Take for about a month and can
double the amount of sperm you produce.  Strengthens the sperm and
egg. Boosts fertility and youth.  High in zinc and anti-oxidants.

Longan Fruit: that helps increase sexual energy and beauty.  Like
Schizandra is was famous among concubines due to the fact that it is a
blood tonic.