How To Play With Submission and Dominance in the Bedroom

(Jaiya Receives A Lesson From A Professional Dominatrix)


Ever wondered how to get your lover to surrender into pleasure?  Have you wanted to play with themes of submission and dominance but weren't quite sure how to?  D.Love is so intrigued by the themes of submission and dominance yet, he often "tops from the bottom" as they say in the BDSM world.  So I went to see a professional dominatrix, miss Kaila Yi, to get a lesson on the arts of submission and dominance.  She got all 50 Shades on and taught me a few things that really surprised me.  Yes, in order for me to learn how to be more dominant in the bedroom I had to first learn the art of surrender and submission - not an easy thing for me, but Kaila Yi pulled it off!  Make sure to watch to the end to see our interactive session.  D.Love was so sorry he missed this one!

Guest Bio

From Kaila Yi's Website

I initially embarked upon My journey to become a Professional Dominatrix with an innocent fascination triggered by a desire to explore and more fully understand the endless possibilities of reward/punishment scenarios, humiliation, corporal punishment, fetishes, and D/s psychology. Over time, this curiosity has deepened into a profound passion, celebration and appreciation of the powerful, transcendental nature of BDSM. 

Over the years, I have been taught and mentored by legends in the scene including Midori and Mistress Simone Justice. I am proud to play with a style and fashion that is uniquely My own. I possess incredible intuition which allows Me to draw out the most profound elements of submission and servitude in your core self without mercy, sweetly savoring every moment of the exchange in the process.