Create Your Own 50 Shades Style Red Room

In this episode, I journey to Mistress Morgana's luxurious, gorgeous space in San Francisco.  She took a lot of effort to make sure that no detail was overlooked and that her professional dungeon space was inviting, and sensually exquisite.  We'll take you on a tour and give you ideas to make over your play space or create one from scratch.  Even how to make your ordindary bedroom have some surprise elements that can be used for sensory play or restraint.  Think "This Old Dungeon"!  I sure wish D.Love had been with me, since he's a designer and he's into Kink Play, it would have been perfect for him.  Oh, well he's just going to have to watch!

Want more about Mistress Morgana, what she does and how to visit her space?  CLICK HERE TO VISIT HER SITE!