How To Create Healthy Sexual Boundaries

How do you create healthy sexual boundaries in both body and mind?  What do you do when someone overstepped a bounary?  How do you know when you body is saying "yes"?  I'm joined my Conscious Sensuality teacher Robert Silber as we talk about and demonstrate how you can create healthy boundaries when it comes to getting it on!  So many of clients have sexual histories where they did not give consent in a sexual situation.   They were afraid to speak up, afraid to say no, and afraid of being too powerful.  This episode is all about empowering yourself to speak your needs, desires and boundaries with power, compassion and confidence.

Robert Silber, M.S.; LMT

Founder of the Institute for Conscious Sensuality
and the Kipuka Temple Community

Sensuality Coaching, Bodywork and Individual Sessions & Training

In addition to founding the Institute for Conscious Sensuality, Robert is on faculty of the International School of Temple Arts and has worked with many other sacred sexuality teachers. He is a licensed massage therapist giving bodywork that incorporates the elements of lomi lomi, thai, cranial sacral and pelvic release techniques in a process that is deeply empowering and transformative.  He also provides conscious sensuality coaching, trainings and mentoring via phone/email/in person.

He is a nature lover, master gardener, and was appointed by Robert Kennedy, Jr. as a Riverkeeper. He has worked in the fields of environmental activism, political organizing with Sierra Club, is a certified permaculture designer and co-founded an intentional community and environmental education center in Hawai’i.

He brought these two aspects together in creating the Kipuka Temple Community, where he provided a framework of sensual living involving beautiful spaces, permaculture gardens, sustainable living, spiritual cultivation, and perhaps most importantly - a community grounded in conscious communication and intimacy building.

From this location, Robert is traveling internationally to lead workshops and events.  He is currently finishing a book on conscious sensuality, community and sustainability.