I am sharing my behind the scenes video for my newest project a DVD on Yoga For Sexual Health & Pleasure. I've been a yogi for most of my adult life and much of that time I have practiced Tantric Yoga. Yoga has many benefits but you never hear yoga teachers talking about the sexual ones.  That's where I come in,  combining many of my favorite teachings from Ipsalu Tantra to Ecstatic Dance to pelvic floor health, creating a Solo and Couples’ practice- which connects you more deeply to your body, and your partner, resulting in more ecstatic pleasure.
Yogic practice benefits your sex life:
-Decreases stress, which increases your ability to have orgasms
-Increases flexibility, so that you can get into positions that hit different pleasure zones
-Increases lung capacity so that you can get more oxygen into your blood stream, which feeds cells responsible for arousal and helps your stamina
- Builds strength, which is great when you need to hold that positions that is sending your partner to the orgasmic cosmos
- Yoga can enhance your libido and increase your sensual awareness
- Practicing Yoga together can help you develop better communication and compassion